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Dolç esguard que crema, Joan Tamayo

Reading Joan Tamayo is always pleasant. His first book “Dolç esguard que crema” has been written from the deepest part of the memory, and therefore, of his heart.

Dolç esguard que crema” is an inside journey to the author’s childhood, to the streets still unpaved made of dusty roads, to walk by the hand of the grandmother, to the winter nights close to the warmth of the family brazier, to the traditional mediterranean bonfires of Sant Joan and its fireworks… To all those feelings that, through a free and spontaneous verse, tells us not only the memories of Joan, but also the memories that could be those of many of his peers.

Joan’s poems are poetry full of an intimate beauty, which thrills by their sensitivity but also by the love from which they are written. To read Joan Tamayo is to feel nostalgia for a past time, now distant, but it also makes us feel the love for those little moments that surround us, immortal in time, and that, imperceptible, hidden in the magnitude of the day to day, It is difficult for us to stop to value, but how important they are for the human being.

Dolç esguard que crema” by Joan Tamayo is a short but intense book. A poetry book that calms the soul and serene heart, as happens with good friends after a good conversation, as with the books we always want to have on hand to read and reread at unexpected times. For all these reasons, I recommend reading to Joan Tamayo and her first collection of poems  “Dolç esguard que crema”.

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