Editor’s Letter

Before and after Clandestina

With the release of "Clandestina", it is almost impossible for me to have a moment to write calmly, although I always take any unexpected coffee to get pen and notebook, ...

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Sons of Autumn

“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile." John Howard Bryant I have started my special countdown to say goodbye to Autumn. It's something nonsensical I think, what do I do for the first time: ...

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Phosphenes in the dark

Let me tell you a little secret: darkness always lurks, it's useless to ignore it, it's always there to corral you with its presence. Darkness is a kind of psychopath, intelligent, ...

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Te amamos Alzheimer escriptors catalans vius me gusta leer edición de bolsillo

We love you

We love the life that is given to us, even if we hate how we live it other times. And yet, we cry for an eternal life, in the company ...

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The light

You turn to ice when you’ve been through a storm for a long time. Almost without realizing it, you’ve become like the storm. Angry. Superior. Threatening. Almost electric. You’ve lived in ...

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Feeling pain

Pain is never surface, always has some purpose, teaches us something, but it also shows us something. The pain is never in vain. Emotional pain hurts more than physical pain.
The ...

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Beauty is dangerous

Beauty is dangerous, draws us into their networks and makes us love beating just to contemplate. No greater than that of the well-used beauty power. So all claim to be ...

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cristina redondo escriptors catalans escriptors catalans

Bores me…

“More is more and less is a bore” Iris Apfel I bored people no horizon, no dreams that lie lost in ignorance of envy, that sad person who forget their own steps ...

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cristina redondo me gusta leer escriptors catalans


Write. I like to write. In fact, I’d always loved writing, although there who think you know me and dares entitled to say this “Now that you dedicate yourself to ...

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