Editor’s Letter

Cristina Redondo, escriptora, per Cesc Sales.

Like Artemis

Working Women's Day and I think of Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, who coincidentally went hunting with her bow and arrow, which Zeus gave her, but also with six dogs that Pan gave her. Curious that they were men, and only the men, those who provided the weapons to work. I also think of the story of Cinderella, that they only wanted her to work at home removing dirt ...

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Divine inspiration

It will soon be three years since I published Clandestina, an espionage thriller considered one of "The 20 feminist books that you cannot miss" by Marie Claire Magazine, the year of its publication (2019). Clandestina, my first book, in its year of release was recommended in Forbes Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, La Vanguardia, Catalunya Radio, La Ser and many other media.

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Before and after Clandestina

With the release of "Clandestina", it is almost impossible for me to have a moment to write calmly, although I always take any unexpected coffee to get pen and notebook, or to write down ideas, which I hope can materialize and develop, then, with calm that requires literary creation, that calm that all writers need to write better texts. Now I remember that after lifetime writing poems, stories and professional articles, ...

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Sons of Autumn

“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile." John Howard Bryant I have started my special countdown to say goodbye to Autumn. It's something nonsensical I think, what do I do for the first time: I'm leaving for a season, and it's not precisely because I want to end this sweet Autumn that I am living, but on the contrary, I hope it will never end. But we must be realistic, as the good of ...

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Phosphenes in the dark

Let me tell you a little secret: darkness always lurks, it's useless to ignore it, it's always there to corral you with its presence. Darkness is a kind of psychopath, intelligent, tenacious almost strategist, who always hides and then appears by surprise. It becomes that guest non grata, that nobody wants to appear, because it ends up frusting everything. Sometimes it appears late, fortunately very late, and in others, it arrives too ...

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Our tribe

During our life, we ​​belong to different tribes. In some, we will find ourselves better than in others. We realize that we do not belong to a tribe when we feel rejected by it. Our natural state, as individuals, rejects rejection. So, in order not to go against nature, we ignore the tribes of which by nature we are rejected, without wasting our time on them. Changing from one tribe to ...

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We love you

We love the life that is given to us, even if we hate how we live it other times. And yet, we cry for an eternal life, in the company of our people, without knowing that eternity is never pleasant, although the company is always present, we perceive them far away. But still and that’s the way we love it. From the memory that we have left. We love. Sadness becomes ...

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The light

You turn to ice when you’ve been through a storm for a long time. Almost without realizing it, you’ve become like the storm. Angry. Superior. Threatening. Almost electric. You’ve lived in that storm for so long, you thought it was part of you. Without knowing it, you have allowed it to attack you for too long, so much so that, in trying to give you a respite, you have realized that ...

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Feeling pain

Pain is never surface, always has some purpose, teaches us something, but it also shows us something. The pain is never in vain. Emotional pain hurts more than physical pain.
The physical pain, high intensity, can override you as a person for hours or even days, but if the body suffers is really strong, just beating and thus overcoming. The emotional pain never exceeded. On the contrary, but control it, like a ...

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Beauty is dangerous

Beauty is dangerous, draws us into their networks and makes us love beating just to contemplate. No greater than that of the well-used beauty power. So all claim to be beautiful, because beauty makes us feel loved, wanted, powerful. Although the feelings aroused by the beauty beyond, and can range from an immense sadness to a rush of adrenaline and serotonin that leave us totally in shock. When someone suffers the ...

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