cuentos urbanos narrativa

High speed

David was tired. When the train arrived he only had the courage to turn up the volume of the playlist and to snuggle in a corner, while listening to the aria “Amour est un oiseau rebelle” by Bizet in a loop, again and again. He only intended to rest while the high-speed train returned him to Barcelona.
Beth sat down in front of David. Awakened and energetic. She looked at him and smiled when she saw how tired he was. Beth opened her cell phone and looked at herself in the mirror application. Luckily she still made a good face, despite being almost dusk. She had been up early and the meetings at her company headquarters were crazy. She could not do it anymore, she had to make a decision with her life, because that life of meetings until the last minute was no longer worth it. Luckily, they paid her well, and she had all the whims she wanted, wear the latest clothes, travel as far as she liked in the summer, the latest technological gadgets, or the animal print stilettos she had just bought impulsively in that one so expensive shop in the downtown of Madrid, before going to Atocha to catch the train.
Beth looked at David again. It could be said that she was the same age as him. She did not know if his face was familiar or if he looked handsome. Maybe a little tired if she was. His hair was dark and short as if it had been freshly cut. The green eyes of who likes to look at nature often. The brown skin as if he was very used to doing solarium every week. The full lips of whom you hope will kiss you well. The wide neck of a very masculine man. Broad shoulders and defined arms, as if he spent his life in the gym. He was handsome. He was definitely very handsome. Beth looked at him. Suddenly David opened his eyes. Beth closed them fast, pretending she was sleeping. She did not want that boy to realise that she was watching him.
The train began to increase its speed even more. High speed in progress.
David was looking at that girl in front of him. She was beautiful, she had that smart beauty that girls with glasses have. The curly and black hair. It seemed simple and sweet, delicate but also energetic and sure of itself. David smiled when he saw the bag of the fashion store that he advised. The bag from the store where she had bought her animal print stilettos at the last shout. He looked at her. His lips were thin and delicate. He closed his eyes and imagined kissing her.
Beth realised that this boy liked her a lot. He opened his eyes again. And she sighed when she saw that he was going back to sleep. She looked at him. She looked at his lips. Meaty. Tender. She wanted to play with those lips. Beth blushed just thinking about kissing him.
By train, it increased more and more the maximum speed. High speed activated.f
David opened his eyes and looked at Beth who was red as best she could. David looked directly into her eyes. Beth looked him straight in the eyes. David wanted to kiss her. Beth wanted to kiss him. They did not know each other. They were just sitting facing each other on the high-speed train.
The train was going at the maximum speed possible. High speed intensely activated.
They stared at each other. The train did not stop, but they were arriving at their destination. It was noticeable in the environment. People started collecting their things. The same thing always happened. It seemed that people wanted to get off the train while it was still going. The high speed. That speed that surrounds everything. That speed that activates everything.
Beth looked at David’s full lips. David looked at Beth’s thin lips. The train had reached its destination. People were already starting to get off the train.
Beth and David stared at each other.
David got up. Beth got up. The train was stopped but their bodies felt the high speed. The trip on the high-speed train had activated oxytocin, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, and vasopressin in their brains.
Beth was used to being quite creative when she had an increase in adrenaline. More than the European average. Then she pretended to fall, although what she really wanted to do was kiss David.
David laughed at Beth’s gesture. He recognised Beth’s excuse for him to approach her. The high speed of dopamine made him feel more awake than usual at that time. David silenced Bizet’s Carmen and stored his headphones at high speed. He took Beth hard in his arms. For a second they stared into each other’s eyes.
David kissed Beth. Beth kissed David.
They kissed at high speed intensely activated.
They would feel the high speed in their hearts during a period of six to twelve months, according to the psychological studies that appeared on the cover of the newspaper that someone had forgotten in his seat of the high-speed train.

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