Serial Chiller

The month of August. The Sun burns without compassion for all and the asphalt burns under the feet, not even the cats go out to long on the streets at this point in the Summer. The heat laziness threatens to slowly kill urban life, while the shores of the beach suffer a high rate of bulimia from escapes from the big city and vomit bodies greased with greasy oils that leave puddles of indissoluble fat in the sea. They say that climate change is changing everything, but some things never change, and the beach is still one of those places of escape, which has hardly any complications, beyond lying down to the hammock.

Taking vacations with enthusiasm is common, but I have also found this year a very common desire to do absolutely nothing during vacation days, not even to get too far from the destination of origin. It doesn’t matter who you talk to, there is that shared desire to disappear, no matter where or how, just disappear a few days emotionally from everything, but also with the intention of being a Serial Chiller, that is, enjoy, with full awareness and absolutely , of the sweet pleasure of doing nothing, and living Il Dolce Far Niente in style.

The Serial Chiller is a person who, overwhelmed by the hard routine of day-to-day life, decides from a moment, especially during vacation time, to avoid, by pure nature, any type of responsibility, thus avoiding stress and anxiety for all means, becoming people who decide to go from bad rolls and bet only on good times. In principle, it seems a philosophy very similar to the well-known idle of a lifetime, but it really is something much more interesting for health, since we are talking about those people who are overwhelmed by the obligations of the routine, decide, abruptly and almost impulsive, bet on the sweet pleasure of disconnecting from everything and everyone.

It is normal for vacations to relieve mood and improve people’s health, but becoming a Serial Chiller increases your benefit by becoming fully aware of this decision and enjoying it to the fullest, with the full knowledge that you are not doing anything more than enjoying free time.
This summer I have also decided to be a full-blown Serial Chiller, move from the bad rolls that may exist and enjoy the good times to the fullest. Live Il Dolce Far Niente and do absolutely nothing for a few days, just enjoy free time, good weather and good times. I hope you also dare to be a Serial Chiller.

Happy summer to all.



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