Il Dolce Far Niente

rosa de sant jordi

A dystopia for Sant Jordi

These days have become repetitive reactions of a moment, and although I always wanted to write a dystopia for Sant Jordi, this year, someone has been ahead of all writers and has created the dystopia that has managed to capture attention at the level world of all and, instead of making us read it as if it were the most interesting of the long-sellers, it is making us live that ...

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cuarta ola feminista

Inside the feminist wave

Feminist protests overflow the streets every March 8, but more and more, the feminist movement is becoming more noticeable and more present in the daily life of citizens, due to the great effort and good work that the feminist associations are taking out, and how this Fourth Feminist Wave flows through social media. Today's society is witness to the so-called Fourth Feminist Wave, which was born in part due to the ...

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Literary Sorority

I have always defended the idea that literature has no gender. The author male or the women author writes, and the reader reads the work, of course, the genre should not intervene to be a more or less interesting work, of greater or lesser quality. However, there are moments in history or in certain social situations, which seems to be that literature should have gender, or at least, it is ...

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Go ahead woman, always go ahead

I have never understood the distinction of gender in the literary field, because those who really value literature, we will never analyze whether it is the author or author who has written a text, but we will value the work itself, for its literary quality and for the values that you can give us, but never, if you really love literature, and you have respect for what a literary composition ...

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La Setmana

These days I have visited La Setmana del Llibre en Català (The Week of the Book in Catalan), which is a literary fair that this year celebrates its 37th edition and that every year at the beginning of September we can visit Barcelona's Cathedral Avenue. La Setmana is the literary fair par excellence that allows us to recognize the work of the publishers who publish in Catalan and the bookshops that ...

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Serial Chiller

The month of August. The Sun burns without compassion for all and the asphalt burns under the feet, not even the cats go out to long on the streets at this point in the Summer. The heat laziness threatens to slowly kill urban life, while the shores of the beach suffer a high rate of bulimia from escapes from the big city and vomit bodies greased with greasy oils that ...

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From the machismes covered to the discovered feminisms

This year I celebrate International Women's Day (# 8M) from a new perspective: the first black novel that I have published Clandestina (Editorial Caligrama) has been included by Marie Claire, one of the most recognized magazines in fashion and cultural trends, in the "List of the 20 feminist novels written by women that you should read sometime in life". For me, it is a great compliment to catalogue my novel as ...

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Stanley Kubrick

The  CCCB gives us a great gift to all lovers of cinema: an exhibition about the career of the revered Stanley Kubrick. Filmmaker Stanley Kubrick was born on July 26, 1928, in the Bronx of New York, and died on March 7, 1999, at his home in England, of a heart attack, just four months before the premiere of what would be his last Movie: Eyes Wide Shut. Kubrick began in ...

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cristinaredondo caixaforum acertaindarkness thriller writer

A certain darkness

In recent days I visited the exhibition "A certain darkness" at the CaixaFòrum in Barcelona. The exhibition, curated by Alexandra Laudo, is part of the Comisart program and raises the relationship between the value of the cult of images and the value of the exhibition. In the exhibition we can enjoy some pieces of art by Joan Brossa, José Maldonado, Perejaume, Christo, Tim Rollins and KOS, Juan Francisco Isidro, Pedro Mora, ...

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cristina redondo escritora novela negra thriller


Gender violence, we continue the same as every November 25 and I go back to review the chilling data and the surprising headlines: "The murdered woman had denounced", "Alert the growth of sexist violence among young people", "One in three Europeans justifies sexual abuse "," Record of male violence "," Spain to the tail in complaints of rape for fear of not being believed "and so infinitely on thousands of ...

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