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Fade to black

As a child, he liked to imagine that the old modernist building where he studied music was an enchanted castle, sheltered by others in the middle of a haunted forest. He had always an overflowing imagination. When he was older and went back to that park, he smiled as he remembered the building as "the castle enchanting in the middle of the haunted forest" of his childhood. Then he also ...

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High speed

David was tired. When the train arrived he only had the courage to turn up the volume of the playlist and to snuggle in a corner, while listening to the aria "Amour est un oiseau rebelle" by Bizet in a loop, again and again. He only intended to rest while the high-speed train returned him to Barcelona. Beth sat down in front of David. Awakened and energetic. She looked at him ...

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Every morning he had hot chocolate. He could not with his everyday, and the fact of having a hot chocolate made him look at life with other perspectives. He had also read that chocolate was antioxidant and anti-aging. Although the truth was that hot chocolate did not like him. Since his last job, he suffered from various physical ailments, above all stomach ailments. A sudden change of work had helped ...

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A new life

Now that everything had happened, he seemed to have lived a life in black and white that others always refused to live. To her, the lives of others seemed a drama. A drama much more stronger than her. While the hypocritical people denied this dramatic hue. She did not care, she saw in the distance that she was right and she continued her daily life as if she had not noticed. ...

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Fashion Blogger

Her shoes were black and flat, with a red button. Comfortable, but nevertheless plastic. They were not of the right quality. She said she did not know fashion, and she marveled at everything the other girl told her. She quickly realized. She could never know as much fashion as the other girl. She could not compete with her. Despite the coincidences between them, they had nothing to do with each other. At ...

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Plastic flower

It was a plastic flower that did not look real. Perhaps because there were times when it seemed false and gave an image of something that was not real. It was not a flower of a lie. It was a real flower. Although someone decided that the flower was a lie. And unaware of the great chaos that would cause his mistake, he threw all that beauty into the wrong ...

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escriptors catalans actuals més prolifics novela negra dones escriptores catalanes actuals


He took the clothes out of the closet. Basic clothing. Minimal. He did not want to carry everything with him. After all, then always ended up wearing the same, with the most comfortable ever. Over time, he had learned that he only wanted to carry with him the essentials, the most important only. He filled his luggage. He doubled his stuff with an obsession that almost touched the syndrome of obsessive ...

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escriptors catalans actuals més prolifics novela negra dones escriptores catalanes actuals

Silence, Nespresso and Murakami

Silence is the most precious thing when you live in a big city. Sometimes I used the headphones just to stop hearing all those people. I hated the noise. Silence relaxed his mind, but above all, it calmed him not to have to hear that great noise, so that when he got home, all he could think of was not to turn on the television, or to put music or ...

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This cold winter

This cold winter has arrived. This cold winter that chills my heart and leaves my voice drowned in the throat. He does not want to pronounce for fear of freezing on the outside of my body. I can not tell you because your ears are covered by the pain that this cold causes us. And I know that there is something out there that makes our blood freeze and does not ...

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Santa Claus does not exist already

This morning a white-bearded fat man, dressed all in red, wearing a black belt and black boots and looking like hot wine a lot, has stolen the dreams of every child on the planet. Later his legal representative, Ebenezer Scrooge, an elderly executive of British origin, has stated that he has not only stolen children’s dreams, but also those of adults, who, despite their ages, still have the soul of ...

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