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Reseña literaria de Cristina Redondo

Las cenizas de la inocencia, Fernando Benzo

Las cenizas de la inocencia, by Fernando Benzo (Plaza & Janes, 2019), is a thriller book written in the purest hardboiled style of the North American 1930s. In this slowly narration, Fernando Benzo takes us into Madrid in the 1940s, in an environment of gangsters, jazz and mafias that could well have escaped from a black film movie of the 1950s due to the images that the narrative gives us. ...

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Olalla, Robert Louis Stevenson

In Autumn I always feel like reading some mystery and horror. This year I have enjoyed several readings of the genre. Among all the stories read I want to highlight, for its brevity, the petite nouvelle Olalla by Robert Louis Stevenson, published in Catalan by the Vienna Petits Plaers Collection (Vienna Edicions) and in Spanish by Ediciones Invisibles, also in its Pequeños Placeres collection. For my reading, I have chosen the ...

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A portrait of Shunkin, Junichirō Tanizaki

Edicions Viena surprised us all with the publication of “Petits Plaers" a new collection of short novels, from classic authors of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with a totally cured and transportable edition everywhere, that surely will be love at first glance for the most bibliophiles and demanding readers. Among these classic authors, we find the Japanese author Junichirō Tanizaki (1886-1965) one of the Asian authors who combines most ancient Japanese ...

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nous escriptors catalans

In daddy’s arms, Alvar Masllorens

"The distance between the mystery and the secret is the same as that between curiosity and pain" Àlvar Masllorens Discover In daddy's arms of Álvaro Massllorens, published by La Temeraria Editorial, has been a pleasant surprise. It is always interesting to read and meet new writers with literary warmth. First of all, I must say that the books of La Temeraria Editorial, always call my attention already, due to the careful edition of ...

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narració breu recomendada autores nuevos escriptors terrassencs

Com s’esbrava la mala llet, Antònia Carré-Pons

"Look at the mountain of the impeded ones that is here. They went out to take the fresh air" Antònia Carré-Pons I had never read Antònia Carré-Pons, so I decided to read her book Com s'esbrava la mala llet, published by Club Editor. Approaching her reading the stories published in this book is a good formula to know her as a writer. I discovered a realistic but fun Antònia Carré. Although all the ...

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escritores españa literatura contemporanea

The color of the tides, Mikel Alvira

"There are those who marry the love of their life; there are those who make their partner the love of their life. And there are those who will always regret not taking advantage of a minute " Mikel Alvira, The Color of the Tides Exactly I do not remember if I run into Mikel Alvira or Mikel Alvira I got involved with Instagram, what is certain is that, when I ran into him, I discovered ...

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Sirio Sanguino, Josep Giralt

"It is very different to understand the skin of words than to understand the heart that beats inside and that is captured with the experience that life gives you" Josep Giralt, Sirio Sanguino When Sirio Sanguino, the first book written by Josep Giralt and published by Editorial Gregal, fell into my hands, it seemed to me a strong and well-written book, worthy of a serious and responsible writer with his literature, which ...

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escriptors catalans vius escriptors catalans escriptors terrassencs

Dolç esguard que crema, Joan Tamayo

Reading Joan Tamayo is always pleasant. His first book "Dolç esguard que crema" has been written from the deepest part of the memory, and therefore, of his heart. "Dolç esguard que crema" is an inside journey to the author's childhood, to the streets still unpaved made of dusty roads, to walk by the hand of the grandmother, to the winter nights close to the warmth of the family brazier, to the ...

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