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Our tribe

During our life, we ​​belong to different tribes. In some, we will find ourselves better than in others. We realize that we do not belong to a tribe when we feel rejected by it. Our natural state, as individuals, rejects rejection. So, in order not to go against nature, we ignore the tribes of which by nature we are rejected, without wasting our time on them.

Changing from one tribe to another is not easy. It may even take us a long time to find our own tribe in life, going from one place to another. Those lucky enough to have found their tribe soon, often reject the less fortunate for not having found their tribe and for continuing to be lost in the tribes to which they do not belong. Depending on how the individuals of the erroneous tribe are, they will treat better or worse those who have not yet found their place. Everything will depend on the human nature of the components of the tribe where they are located. Although we do not forget that the human being is cruel by nature.

I’ve always wanted to think that nothing happens by chance. That’s why I think that when a tribe decides to reject or expel another member from their community, it’s because that member really has nothing to do with that tribe. In the same way, I think that when an individual finds his tribe: everything fits in a natural way.

When finding our tribe, the coincidences, difficulties, previously lived scenarios and people who left a learning in you, have their reasons d’être. There are coincidences in many life experiences, acting styles, characters, and feelings with the members of our own tribe. That moment in which we observe that everything flows, without rejections of other members of the tribe, without added problems, and that we really connect with the people around us is that, without a doubt, we are in our tribe.


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