Fucking life, magical destiny

«Clandestina» of writing when publishing or this fucking life, this magical destiny Life is very fucking and although it puts us intelligently, in the end, it ...

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A portrait of Shunkin, Junichirō Tanizaki

Edicions Viena surprised us all with the publication of “Petits Plaers" a new collection of short novels, from classic authors of the nineteenth and twentieth ...

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From the machismes covered to the discovered feminisms

This year I celebrate International Women's Day (# 8M) from a new perspective: the first black novel that I have published Clandestina (Editorial Caligrama) has ...

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Stanley Kubrick

The  CCCB gives us a great gift to all lovers of cinema: an exhibition about the career of the revered Stanley Kubrick. Filmmaker Stanley Kubrick ...

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Before and after Clandestina

With the release of "Clandestina", it is almost impossible for me to have a moment to write calmly, although I always take any unexpected coffee ...

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Anna Fernández

"Art is a type of cure, something we all need" Anna Fernández   Anna Fernández (Sabadell, 1986) has a degree in Art History and has a master's degree ...

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Àlvar Masllorens. Author.

Àlvar Masllorens (Barcelona, ​​1962) Graduated in Art History, bookseller, editor and writer. As a bookseller, we will find him in the Llibrería La Temeraria (Calle ...

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cristinaredondo caixaforum acertaindarkness thriller writer

A certain darkness

In recent days I visited the exhibition "A certain darkness" at the CaixaFòrum in Barcelona. The exhibition, curated by Alexandra Laudo, is part of the ...

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cristina redondo escritora novela negra thriller


Gender violence, we continue the same as every November 25 and I go back to review the chilling data and the surprising headlines: "The murdered ...

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thriller novela negra libri gialli

Sons of Autumn

“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile." John Howard Bryant I have started my special countdown to say goodbye to Autumn. It's something nonsensical I think, what do I ...

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Cristina Redondo escritoras novedades literarias opinion enfermedades raras

Rare diseases and research

When a patient attends the doctor, he hopes to find a treatment for his illness, with the intention of obtaining a cure, or, in some ...

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cuentos pianista arte novedades literarias libros

Fade to black

As a child, he liked to imagine that the old modernist building where he studied music was an enchanted castle, sheltered by others in the ...

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