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Psycopathic minds

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here”
William Shakespeare


Thriller. Terror. Psychothriller. I do not care. They are all my favorites. Hannibal Lecter is much to blame, the literary character based on British serial murderer Robert Maudsley, the authentic “Hannibal the Cannibal”, I recently read that follows inmate in a prison in England, with appropriate security measures, of course. A literary level, Stephen King also did his stuff, great Master of Terror, needless to say.
The human mind is really exciting. The fact that the chemical alloys of our brain, causing our neurons alien in one way or another, and that this will lead us to have a behavior or another which then set up our personality, is actually something that does not stop impassion.
Not only because of our constant synapse, but interneuronal how these relationships occur, how our brain moves and produces a reaction or other in the individual, and how each individual reacts differently.
The mind of the psychopath decides who to kill and who is not, and finally, there may be many reasons to kill: for fun, sexual excitement, vanity, by empowerment, depression, etc. Many. All of them are in our brain and how different chemicals in our brain interact with each other. Particularly in the prefrontal cortex and posterior parietal cortex, where the objective experience of the so-called “cold empathy”, reasoning and rational thought is located, as opposed to the area of the brain where the amygdala is located and where it resides the “hot empathy”, or emotions.
Write about psychopathy, without suffering psychopathology itself, it is an exciting challenge. As a passionate of psychology, I enjoy discovering the human mind and, as a writer, I enjoy writing about murderers who take pleasure by killing. And no, I’m no a killer in potency. Just I enjoy narrating. As much as my murderers enjoy killing.
Deep down, I think we’re surrounded by psychopaths minds, perhaps influenced by the Theories of Robert Hare, a doctor in psychology and a renowned researcher in the field of criminal psychology, but partly also because of what I observe daily in society. The difference between the psychopath and sociopath is no compassion at the decisive moment to be making a decision, for example, kill or not to kill, that compassion which is the product of empathy with the victim who suffers the moment, have that emotion or you do not. You may feel compassion or do not feel it, you have the necessary degree of empathy or your brain lacks the chemicals contained forming empathy Who doesn’t suffer empathy or no compassion, and, consequently, could kill without any of any kind of regrets. Of course there are most others influential factors in mind psychopath, no discover here.
Make decisions without compassion and without empathy, we always summons a great responsibility. Those times when you have to take risky decisions, where it is sometimes appreciates having the coolness and better lack of empathy and compassion for others. In such situations, if there is no compassion, if there is no empathy, avoids the risk and consequently a lot of damage to the “collaterals” called.
Although saying that we are surrounded by psychopaths, because to be a psychopath is not always necessary to kill, there are many ways of being a psychopath without feeling the need to kill. The high self-imposed at all levels of society today grade and competitive pace of everyday life, makes us all be prepared to not have compassion for something or someone at a given moment, we are all capable of acting coolly when we require, to a lesser or greater extent, and that’s when our psycho interior awakens and acts.
Although writers joke about the thriller, being socially incorrect with how much we enjoyed “killing softly,” and that, after all, do it for literary pleasure, it does not hurt anyone, on the contrary, offers a fun time to our readers. Complicating the case, are those silent psychopaths, disguised acting for their daily responsibilities, and act right and left, without being identified as such, but nevertheless, get pleasure causing pain, usually a quieter type pain: the psychological, and by factors such as fear, they tend to protect themselves by their own victims. And, as John Milton said : “The mind is its own place, and in itself can be a heaven in hell or a hell of heaven“.

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