This cold winter

This cold winter has arrived. This cold winter that chills my heart and leaves my voice drowned in the throat. He does not want to pronounce for fear of freezing on the outside of my body.

I can not tell you because your ears are covered by the pain that this cold causes us. And I know that there is something out there that makes our blood freeze and does not allow us to feel the skin. We move away from the Sun every second of the second, and the night grows darker with every attempt at survival.

It’s not you, it’s not me either. It’s not us.

It is the frozen atmosphere that presses us and makes us feel this cold. Cold in the distance and the landscape is so frozen … snowed by the uneasiness and danger to oblivion. The low temperatures hurt because we had never felt them so sharp and extreme. They hurt because we did not expect this cold annihilation.

The sky seems clean, but it is dirty and does not let us see clearly the horizon, and this cold winter … this cold winter that freezes our bodies, perpetuates our heart and destroys us to the soul with its breath below zero.

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