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Write. I like to write. In fact, I’d always loved writing, although there who think you know me and dares entitled to say this “Now that you dedicate yourself to write …” And then drop any bullshit. As if the act of writing was a mere fad. Well, I’m sorry, to me, it is not. I’ve always written, and has published books or not, I consider myself a writer, rather, an author. Better talk to property and call things by their name. I’ve written almost from one day teen said “if these gentlemen have written this why I could not too try to write?” and so began; many years ago, and I do not recall came first, a story short, very short, or a poem or novel or even attempt to recall some vague play. Who knows it?. I do remember were the times. I was teenager time of the poems of the time I have left the brief, but intense creative moment lies in poetry. Then, as I was learning how to write came tales, short first, then longer narratives. Then came a break after this, but who likes writing cannot help stop writing. In this time of need by rewriting, I created a blog, a personal blog. Many years ago, a blog now defunct, but thanks to this blog discovered the affection of the fans, there were few, the power to cross borders and that what I created, was read in places of the unimaginable world for me to I saw him in the statistics. And … Ah! The statistics! Yes, those are sincere and do not cheat! So one day I decided to go a step further and write a novel. I did that that make many novice writers: procrastinate. But only until I found my theme to develop in what would be my first novel and from there, everything changed, and the novel began to flow. I am now in the final process: putting the icing on the cake.
Write. Writing for me is easy. Only it takes time. And that’s a luxury that I have at times, and that’s when I feel fortunate. Happy at last, after all, why writing is an act of personal happiness. You must be concentrated, at least. Without nobodies bothering me. In my world, I say. And that’s when everything happens at the blank page. Preferably computer, so I can go as fast as my neurons in the creative process. But sometimes I can not help hedonism of good paper and a good pen. No matter if technical content, as in my articles for professional collaborations, or with creative content for my novels and stories. Yes. Stories and novels. Thus, in the plural. Because I have ideas to carry out and keep writing. As it regards publishing, no problem. We’ll find a solution. Like everything in life, if death is solved through faith, how could I not find solutions to publish my first book? And a second? And so on … .and while here we are, writing, being happy. Getting make my dreams come true, while others will say what they want, to me, really I do not care who I want and read. This is not a joke, or a morning drive or in my case, rather night but without malice, treachery that we have those who speak. That said, I follow mine: be happy. Write.

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