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Beauty is dangerous

Beauty is dangerous, draws us into their networks and makes us love beating just to contemplate. No greater than that of the well-used beauty power. So all claim to be beautiful, because beauty makes us feel loved, wanted, powerful. Although the feelings aroused by the beauty beyond, and can range from an immense sadness to a rush of adrenaline and serotonin that leave us totally in shock.
When someone suffers the syndrome of Stendhal, it happens that precisely the perception of beauty is greater than the expected beauty and the person just succumbed to a shock, it may be momentary or even last for days, everything depends on what used to our eyes are to beauty. Stendhal syndrome usually attributed to being suffered to see pieces of art, monumental cities, but some say it does not exist, that it is really is an imaginary state, I vote in favour of the existence of Stendhal Syndrome, although we know that what it is sure there is the beauty.
My second novel I’m writing now is about beauty. And because beauty is addictive, the more beauty is contemplated, more beauty needs to live. That moment in which we discover the beauty, everything else seems ugly, boring and uninteresting, and only beauty gets us attract and arouse our interest.
The positioning of beauty in society is imperative, beauty moves our instincts, our values and still do not understand how Maslow not able to include in their pyramid of needs, because it is the beauty that makes us choose between one thing and another, the power of attraction to that thing, decided on the most attractive for us at any given time, what we most agree on others, but always what we consider more beautiful for that time determined by the benefits that we can report …Beauty.
Beauty can also cause a sharp pain even want to achieve what we perceive as the greatest beauty has killed some, as the Icaro to be melted wings wanting to cherish the beauty of the sun with their hands, have been they have died in the attempt to be more beautiful, but also must have gotten this beauty, one way or another, and that is when they have believed to be happy.
Beauty helps us to be happy, true, but true happiness is achieved when our beauty is not outside, but inside. That’s the real beauty to get, because it is not material, or bought with money, however, it seems to be paid to experiences, and they say that the more negative experiences in his life have had a person, the inner beauty treasures.
Perhaps the beauty, beyond the theft of looks, is also a matter of life lived, of sighs suspended in the air or even, like Donizetti Aria used to be said “a furtive tear” .

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