Elegance is knowing how to be, proceed and act according to one’s own interests, but without causing pain or discomfort of any kind to the people with whom we agree in a time and space. We could say that elegance is not to disturb but without the loss of character itself, which sometimes implies the humility of not wanting to disturb the other.
To have elegance is related to having the good or the bad education. It seems out of place, but there are people who do not care to be well educated or a surely annoying, so much less care to be elegant or not. Elegance is to prevent another person from feeling bad about our actions or words. Many will not care how the other can feel, but that is where in that act of careful importance also lies the elegance.
Elegance is like moving with feline air in the garbage, sauntering it, but without even staining the claws. Get out unscathed from the alien eggplant, without compromise and without looking bad. To leave without a wound of a dirty stage, and if he is or sufficiently skilled, to be able to obtain a result that even favors to us.
Elegance is not always in words. The words fly, they confuse and they do not return, and if they return, they return changed, different from what they once were. Elegance goes beyond words and often lies more in gestures and experiences. In that trail that we left in passing, as the essence of a good perfume that does not evaporate over time, and that remains in the memory and the place, as a marked imprint in the place.
Elegance is those impressions that those around us receive after agreeing with us. Those experiences that remain in the memory, and then make us remember a person under one label or another. Elegance is the good memory we leave in the mind of the other. In these details lies the elegance.
The lack of elegance causes a daring selfishness, which resides in an absolute indifference to the people around us. There is no person more unintelligent than the one who hurts, intentionally or not, over the other and who causes pain without just caring. The lack of elegance entails a lack of diplomacy as well. In fact, both are considered factors implicit in good education, so if there is no elegance, nor is there diplomacy, there will hardly be a good education.
It seems that elegance is an obsolete value. I have noticed that few people have true elegance. It is a real shame, because sometimes, having some elegance with those around us, we could make this world, a better world to live.


* Journal article published in the Opinion Column of Cristina Redondo: Il dolce far niente, section Tribuna del Diari de Sant Quirze on 07/07/2017

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