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In daddy’s arms, Alvar Masllorens

“The distance between the mystery and the secret is the same as that between curiosity and pain”

Àlvar Masllorens

Discover In daddy’s arms of Álvaro Massllorens, published by La Temeraria Editorial, has been a pleasant surprise. It is always interesting to read and meet new writers with literary warmth.
First of all, I must say that the books of La Temeraria Editorial, always call my attention already, due to the careful edition of their copies and the selection of good literary works. In addition, the size of the books is the right one to carry on and enjoy a good read at any time. I also fall in love with the designs of their covers: illustrations of buildings characteristic of a geographical area, very well chosen by the content of the book and, if above, we add the quality of the paper and its texture, especially the cover of the book, read a book published by La Temeraria Editorial is already a ritual of literary satisfaction. But after all, this is the book itself. The content reading, obviously is the most important.
In this case, the narration of Àlvar Masllorens is a narrative full of poetic prose that counterbalances the story that narrates, in which, unexpected moments, it becomes a little dramatic, but it is precisely this opposition that fills beauty the book. In daddy’s arms is not a book for those who expect an easy book, especially if the reader intends to read diagonally and take the book “to spend the last time.” No, this book is not of this type of books. In daddy’s arms is a book to enjoy a slow reading, paused and without any hurry, which stops time to enjoy the pleasure of good literature, and where it is compulsory to delight with the poetry of the words with which Àlvar Masllorens makes us come up with a very current story, and, at the same time, intimate.
In daddy’s arms it is narrated with an affectionate prose, that reveals the most sincere thoughts of the main character in reference to situations of a very daily life; through a first-person singular in narrative voice, the author introduces us in the vision of the protagonist towards the treatment of memories, the perception of art, the passage of time, the imperfections of life, relationships of love, relationships with the children, and even the most intimate sufferings.
If we intend to read the book quickly, we can do it, but if we are true readers, the book will ask us for a second reading or even a third more reading to finish enjoying it fully. This for me, it is synonymous that we are meeting an author with a lot of literary quality. Good books always claim to be read more than once, and In daddy’s arms Álvaro Masllorens’s published by La Temeraria Editorial is one of those readings that engage the first, but that also creates a reading addition that, like good coffee, causes the book to have an intense but short-lived flavour, and, accordingly, ask to be read more times, and where new nuances with narrative funds are discovered that enlarge the work of Álvaro Masllorens as author.

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