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Merry Christmas, all year long

Authentic Christmas goes beyond a gift under a tree, three kings in a portal of Bethlehem with gold, frankincense and myrrh and an eternal tail to pay in the wrong supermarket.
Christmas is not giving away because it touches, it is not to buy happiness with a credit card forced from odious hours stolen from sleeping to work in a factory. Christmas is not to buy happiness from the ether, from which it fades to the second, the second it takes to fall to the ground the role of wrapping the gift.
Christmas is to share any experience at any time of the year and anywhere in the world. Christmas is not just waiting for a December 25th to share with ours, and yet, to pass long and hastily the rest of the year.
The one who really feels the spirit of Christmas is the one who always feels it, not just these days of the year. The one who really feels Christmas is the one who surprises you with a gift without being a designated date, who cares about “but and how are you?” In the middle of a lively conversation, and one who with a smile looks at you Cloudy days.
Christmas is not having a hollow heart and ice cream, but cozy and sensible. Christmas is not a void in the dialogue, nor a silence for an answer, it is not an ignorance of the one who sits at your side because of it simply: it bothers us.
Christmas is sharing magical moments any time of the year, and anywhere. Those who live like this Christmas are unique and special people, with the capacity to feel those moments as unique, with the educated heart to give more than to receive.
Christmas is an unexpected kiss, and an expected huge, is a call to the far friend and is an “I wait for you to come” and “without we do not start,” is a alms to the stranger and a degree of faith in one who Has hurt us
Christmas is what many hate for all this commented, and yet others celebrate superficially, without stopping to think about all this, like an Il Dolce Far Niente who does not want to see or perceive the harsh reality that surrounds him.
Christmas is that sweet long awaited by some and so indigestible for others. Merry Christmas, especially for all those who feel it throughout the year.


* Journal article published in the Opinion Column of Cristina Redondo: Il dolce far niente, section Tribuna del Diari de Sant Quirze on 12/21/2016

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