Oh! Sweet Christmas!

The Christmas approaches. And though it seems that it is like every year, actually it is not like that. The brave ones, which have own business, comment to me that already it is not like previous years. Yes, they have a lot of work preparing the Campaign for Christmas, and they are very tied by the illusion of selling, but the sale is weak, almost non-existent. They say thereabouts that all the benefits remove the big surfaces or the trade online.
Some of these brave ones, heroes for me, even think of leaving their heroes’ dreams to survive. The crisis has sunk in very deeply into the real economy. I say to the economy that we live daily, not that of the stock exchange that it speaks about the big corporations, and that small they have to see with the majority of the society. With us. With day after day.
The Christmas environment floods the streets with the beginning of the Campaign of Christmas. Urban trains to walk the children and to not so children for the city, markets of Christmas, Santa Claus walking making sound the bell, shop windows prepared with Christmas trees and other garlands, shots of beginning with Black Friday and all that that happens environment to the Christmas. The whole wild consumption orientated to reaching an instantaneous happiness. This it is the purpose of this Christmas summit. The consumption express that only makes profitable the big ones of the market.
About it treats itself. To disguise the consumption as pill express of the happiness. When you have consumed, already you can return to run with the reality if you want, but, until you do not consume, do not wake up of the Christmas dream. And if you wake up, go out for this infallible pill of happiness express called Christmas consumption.
Yes, the Christmas is nice, personally, I like these dates, but not the whole world is capable of supporting the Christmas. We all have this acquaintance that every Christmas does to itself a trip to some distant well place, where the advertising impacts with Santa Claus are like to speak about an unknown dimension.
The Christmas approaches, and as in the picture of Munch’s Shout, there is the one who takes the hands to themselves head’s crying out piety by which there is ended promptly this consumer martyrdom replete with happiness and false promises … but have you thought that when the Christmas is ended we initiate Sales? As Chuck Palahniuk was saying, across the great Tyler Durden, in the Fight Club: ” I See very much potentially but the advertising is wasted … it makes us wish car and clothes, we have employment that we hate to buy shit that we do not need. We are the damned children of the history. ”
Oh! A sweet morsel of sad reality. Oh! Sweet pill of longed happiness. Oh! Sweet Christmas!

* Journal article published in the Opinion Column of Cristina Redondo: Il dolce far niente, section Tribuna del Diari de Sant Quirze on 12/01/2018

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