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Phosphenes in the dark

Let me tell you a little secret: darkness always lurks, it’s useless to ignore it, it’s always there to corral you with its presence.

Darkness is a kind of psychopath, intelligent, tenacious almost strategist, who always hides and then appears by surprise.
It becomes that guest non grata, that nobody wants to appear, because it ends up frusting everything. Sometimes it appears late, fortunately very late, and in others, it arrives too fast, unfortunately very fast.

In the end, you fight to get rid of that uncomfortable darkness that floods everything. And you fight so much, with so much impetus, that in the fight you close your eyes with force, and then you begin to remember that light that you captured inside, before closing your eyes, with the intention of never feeling the darkness, for much darkness that it will end up surrounding you.

And it is strange, because after so much fighting between so much darkness, sometimes an intact beauty is hidden among all that opacity. When the darkness is deeper, you realize that when you open your eyes, you discover those colors that flood everything. And you discover that the darkness keeps secrets inside it so dazzling that only those who descend to the abyss of its essence are able to appreciate.

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