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Shoot reality

Currently, the need to create images to share on social networks has caused photography to win followers from the earliest ages. The act of photographing has become as reflective an act as listening to music while driving. In fact, photographer Platon believes that “A good portrait is like a great song“. Platon Antoniou is a photographer I have recently discovered, and who is famous for his portraits of celebrities and the most powerful people in the world.
This circumstance has made our society the most documented in history. From the most practical photograph to remember some information to the crudest and real photojournalism, or, of course, the most creative photography produced as an expression of art, and all of it publicly disseminated via the internet. This wide variety of options and the ease to share these photographs with the rest of the world has made the community of photography fans have grown considerably in recent years.
And it is no longer necessary to have a camera to take pictures. In fact, if we stop to think, we all carry a camera in our pockets. We just need to focus on the phone and shoot. If we want to do something really beautiful or artistic, just shoot with your mobile and deal with some application of photo retouching.
Perhaps that is why, the brands of the photographic sector have had to re-launch their brand positioning to adapt to the market, and thus conquer the public that likes to share their photographs in social networks.
I recently visited the #OlympusPerspectivePlayground, organized by the Olympus photography brand. This event consists of an interactive exhibition of modern art and photography, which attracts a large number of people. This exhibition is traveling and, since 2013, has been throughout Europe, its more than 320,000 visitors and the involvement of renowned international artists, endorse the quality and the revolutionary concept of modern art and photography offered by the brand. After its latest editions in Paris (Palais de Tokyo, 2015) and Cologne (2016), #OlympusPerspectivePlayground has visited Barcelona as the first edition to be exhibited in Spain.
If there is something that dictates the market trend is the customer experience, and, thanks to this event, the experience offered by the brand in this event is entirely satisfactory, on the one hand it allows you to try new brand cameras, with what is already allowing you to know the cameras, and allow the user to check the good pictures that can be taken with these cameras, and on the other hand, it offers you the possibility of taking those photos home, with what is safe that you end up showing, either in social networks, or to your closest friends, the fantastic experience that was attending your event.
I have always thought that good photography has the power to generate an intense feeling with a simple look, but it is also true that photography has evolved towards a much more versatile path, far beyond the art or reflection of the moment, and that is that Shooting reality is already a regular occurrence in our lives.

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