The Silence

We choose what we want for our lives and, when everything goes well and we believe it to be perfect, we show pride to others. Instead, I’ve noticed that if something goes wrong, most people hide it. Failure is never welcome. No one accepts defeat as part of their life. As if the night could exist without the day.
There are different ways in which people hide their defeats or sadness. The one that surprises me most is when they use silence for it. I am surprised, basically, because when silence is given is for various reasons. Not just to hide something. However, I have observed that hiding something uncomfortable by covering it with silence is quite common.
As if the smartest way to treat something was through silence, not to mention it. For those who do not know me enough: sometimes I’m ironic. And yes, now I’m being ironic.
Although they do not get tired of using it for their own benefit, some people find silence uncomfortable, especially when it is unexpected and they receive it from others. Sometimes it even hurts to feel the silence. However, when one comes to understand the cause of silence, it seems that everything changes. Personally, my silence does not bother me, there are even times when I love it but only when it is given in its proper measure. We know, all extremes are bad.
Luckily for some or unfortunately for others, silence is never eternal. In fact, I have read some studies that say that the human ear is not prepared for absolute silence, that even in situations of absolute silence, the natural sound of our own body becomes a threat to ourselves: the sound of Heartbeat, the sound of breathing, is heard under such a level of sensitivity that it feels like a great torture to our mind. Homo lupus est. Definitely.
It is that the human body does not understand silences and is that as one of my favorite Depeche Mode songs says: “Words are meaningless and forgettable. Enjoy the silence”

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