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I have learned that the limits are to respect them. I have understood that limits allow us to live in a certain peace. I have discovered that limits do not limit us, but on the contrary, they help us to be better people. Although for this, you always have to know how to respect them.

But there is a problem: not everyone knows how to respect the limits.

Respect for the limits allows us to live cordially with our surroundings. The limits allow us to know each other better. Knowing where the boundary is is good in relationships and situations. It is good in life. Each one freely decides to the limit.

Sometimes it surprises me because I have proven that the one that demands the most respect for its own limits, abuses over the limits of others, without any kind of tolerance, without any education, without any kind of courtesy or consideration.

The limits can become somewhat elastic and permissive by education. But like everything elastic, by holding too much pressure it ends up bouncing on the person who put it under pressure. He ends up wounding whoever tried to surpass that limit. With all the force that this excess pressure causes. The limit is this.

When you exceed a limit, you must know what to expect. When you try to get the maximum benefit out of a situation, going beyond an extreme limit, the limit turns against you. Those who act like this, should not be surprised to receive, in return, a reaction against him.

The invasion of a limit ends provoking a reaction of rejection in who feels invaded. On the other hand, I think it is quite natural, why … at what point in history were invasions that exceeded the limits welcomed? Never. Now it will not be any different.

To surpass a limit means to fill the glass of water, in such a way, that all the water ends up spilling. It wastes energy. The glass is badly filled. The water is wasted. And on top of it, the water will soak everything. Sometimes even the glass is broken because that glass was too delicate and valuable a glass to hold the weight of that excess water. That excess pressure. When the limits are exceeded, it ends up being shattered.

The worst things, the least desirable ones, happen when the limits are exceeded.
We all have a limit. I am very clear about my limits. And I feel pain for people with such a high elasticity, that they stand too tightly in their limits.

I do not like abusive people. I do not like people who still and know the limit of others, try to surpass them, always looking for their own benefit. Indifferent to what the other can feel by abusing the other and exceeding their limits.

In fact, I have come to the conclusion that it should never be allowed to go beyond the limits.

Out of respect for others.

Out of respect for oneself.


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