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The color of the tides, Mikel Alvira

“There are those who marry the love of their life;
there are those who make their partner the love of their life.
And there are those who will always regret
not taking advantage of a minute “

Mikel Alvira, The Color of the Tides

Exactly I do not remember if I run into Mikel Alvira or Mikel Alvira I got involved with Instagram, what is certain is that, when I ran into him, I discovered an excellent writer. Over time, after reading “La Novela de Rebeca” by Mikel Alvira, I realised that behind those black and white photos of his Instagram was a writer with extensive narrative experience who coloured his novels with pure poetry.
I came across his social networks that he was preparing his next novel “The Color of the Tides“, a story where the presence of the sea is almost addictive, where Mikel Alvira uses the beauty of art and the freedom of the sea as a nexus of union to give us a beautiful and hard love story.
The narration of Mikel Alvira, in “The color of the tides” published in Txertoa, is a prose of pleasant reading, but also, it is that kind of readings that lead you to deep reflection, through its multiple phrases, worthy of mention, and reminder, with which the writer delights us during almost the entire novel.
“The color of the tides” is a story created with love and affection by Mikel Alvira, the details at the beginning of each chapter, with which the author captivates us with his deep thoughts about love or life, are those that denote that we are facing a quality literature.
The plot of the story acquires beauty and acquires intensity as we approach an unexpected end, and not at all suspected at the beginning of the reading of the novel.
I especially liked the juxtaposition of the past and the present, very well altered narratively, in which the continuous alternation between what happens in the present and what happened in the past, leads us to various criticisms of society and indirect reflection which the author especially calls. Indirectly, Mikel Alvira raises the role of women in society and the evolution that this role has had in the development of roles, but above all in the sociological evolution that these changes have caused and their influence on daily life.
In addition, Mikel Alvira, through The Color of the Tides, leads us to a final conclusion about the importance of feeling and accepting love in contexts of adversity and in true transcendence, for the development of life, of publicly accepting such feelings. of love, and in its final influence, in this case, in the lives of the characters.
Mikel Alvira is reinforced as a quality writer with “The color of the tides”, that through the tides of the Atlantic, seduces us completely with a story that reaches the soul and persuades us with a totally exciting novel that I recommend reading, especially if what we are looking for is a plot with a touch of adventure, a touch of love, love that is not cloying, but totally attractive and full of intrigue.

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