The frivolization of communication

I believe that the communication has prostituted up to such a point that any person can turn in credibly for the fact of having visibility. The power that the communication has on the population is absolute; it gives me panic, the fact that there exist mass media that offer columns to publish persons whose unique virtue should be to have a great number of followers in the social networks nets.
In the majority of these cases, I realize that the above mentioned prominent figures have not one great number of followers in social networks nets of natural, “organic” form in social slang it happens, but the majority of the followers have paid to obtain and likes in exchange for a monthly quota in a company with an IT program that it they takes charge generating followers. These followers are normally accounts ghosts, created with the unique purpose of feeding the above mentioned business, with generation of Likes and Followers.
We are attending the growth of a bubble in the communication of masses, as a real-estate bubble was generated years behind. The difference is that now we speculate on the information, and is this factor the one that generates more terror. If we are capable of play with the tools of communication of the above mentioned way, what type of society of the information do we can wait in the future?
Personally I have stopped following many brands, and brands of great projection and in that many millions are invested in advertising budgets, for running up with people that they are auto named “influencers” representing them. The lack of know-how of the above mentioned persons as “not professionals of the communication “, small professional ethics as well as the continuous mistakes of communication during them publications, has not provoked but my more absolute rejection, not only towards them as public prominent figures but also towards the brand that they them contract. For me the credibility consists of something more that to have bought Followers.
Who we have the opportunity to go to a wide public, we must assume our social responsibility, and, first of all, we must report in agreement to a professional ethics, and to a few codes of professionalism that, overcoat, look for the respect based on the foundations of the communication, and in no case, use the disinformation to obtain an economic benefit.
The control of the masses across the mass media is something that always has generated many controversies. But, though it is true, that the status quo only allows the credibility in the communication if is executed from a real professionalism, and not bought with monthly quotas that give them likes and Followers. That is to say, from the veracity and the informative transparency, respecting to the recipient and to the company that concerns, but overall, respecting their right to an information of quality, certification, and therefore, totally credible.

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