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The light

You turn to ice when you’ve been through a storm for a long time. Almost without realizing it, you’ve become like the storm. Angry. Superior. Threatening. Almost electric.
You’ve lived in that storm for so long, you thought it was part of you. Without knowing it, you have allowed it to attack you for too long, so much so that, in trying to give you a respite, you have realized that this storm does not allow you to move forward, but has only pushed you back, or worse still.
That storm has never gone with you, nor is it part of your lifestyle, your education, or your way of seeing things, but it has been an impediment in your way more, a mistake that prevented you from contemplating the horizon you had always wanted.
And in that survival boast, you decide to take charge of the situation. You decide to stand up to the storm. You decide to return all those thunder and lightning back to whoever sent them to you with all the evil in the world. And so, by the way, you stay clean. You don’t need any more evil.
You decide to move the clouds aside and take them out of your way because you are fed up with so much darkness. Because life is not only darkness but also Light.
Whose Light is at your side, asking nothing but friendship in return. Whose Light offers you everything in exchange for a smile. Whose Light offers you warmth when you were only used to the cold.
The Light of the autumn evening that escapes at every moment, because that is the Light. It is the same Light of the beautiful things that end up escaping if they are not appreciated enough.
That is the Light that overcomes all storms, and that makes the darkness of ugly things vanish because, in the end, it will be true what they say, that good can vanish to evil, and those ugly things end up vanishing from pure evil. And it is because of the Light, it seems that everything can be done, until melting the hardest ice rock, and making anyone evening, the Sun comes out, as well as the one who does not want the thing and radiates us with all the strength of its Light.

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