Il Dolce Far Niente

Opinion column “Il Dolce Far Niente” written by Cristina Redondo for

rosa de sant jordi

A dystopia for Sant Jordi

These days have become repetitive reactions of a moment, and although I always wanted to write a dystopia for Sant Jordi, this year, someone has been ahead of all writers ...

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cuarta ola feminista

Inside the feminist wave

Feminist protests overflow the streets every March 8, but more and more, the feminist movement is becoming more noticeable and more present in the daily life of citizens, due to ...

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Literary Sorority

I have always defended the idea that literature has no gender. The author male or the women author writes, and the reader reads the work, of course, the genre should ...

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La Setmana

These days I have visited La Setmana del Llibre en Català (The Week of the Book in Catalan), which is a literary fair that this year celebrates its 37th edition ...

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Serial Chiller

The month of August. The Sun burns without compassion for all and the asphalt burns under the feet, not even the cats go out to long on the streets at ...

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From the machismes covered to the discovered feminisms

This year I celebrate International Women's Day (# 8M) from a new perspective: the first black novel that I have published Clandestina (Editorial Caligrama) has been included by Marie Claire, ...

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Stanley Kubrick

The  CCCB gives us a great gift to all lovers of cinema: an exhibition about the career of the revered Stanley Kubrick. Filmmaker Stanley Kubrick was born on July 26, ...

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cristinaredondo caixaforum acertaindarkness thriller writer

A certain darkness

In recent days I visited the exhibition "A certain darkness" at the CaixaFòrum in Barcelona. The exhibition, curated by Alexandra Laudo, is part of the Comisart program and raises the ...

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Cristina Redondo escritoras novedades literarias opinion enfermedades raras

Rare diseases and research

When a patient attends the doctor, he hopes to find a treatment for his illness, with the intention of obtaining a cure, or, in some way, he can obtain a ...

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cristina redondo escritora novedades literarias

Own rooms without glass roof

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” ― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own From 2016, the Monday after October 15 ...

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cristinaredondo articulosdeopinión diarisantquirze escritora

Europe to the migration challenge

These days I've seen a film based on real events called "The Butler" (2013) that tells the story of a father who has to move with his family to Washington, ...

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