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Slaves of technology

The gifts that are giving us the technological evolution is a pleasure in some cases: medical technology allows us to cure diseases that years ago were not cured; domotic technology ...

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The magic of Poetry

I always have a header poem by hand, near me. It’s like a poem that I always want to read. According to the moment, that poem is changing. I never ...

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Oh! Sweet Christmas!

The Christmas approaches. And though it seems that it is like every year, actually it is not like that. The brave ones, which have own business, comment to me that ...

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And you… do you read female or male literature?

Writing is an act of confession with oneself, but also to the readers. When writers write, we blindly trust our emotions, our feelings, our thoughts and our points of view ...

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Awards for the reader

These days I am re-reading some opinions about the literary awards, opinions that are repeated every year on the occasion of the well-known Premio Planeta. Every year the same story. ...

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Command is the most beautiful drug that exists

Trying to get away from the communicational whirlwind of these days, about the Catalan Independence process and the Spanish point of view about it, at Wednesday night my favorite Prime ...

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I have learned that the limits are to respect them. I have understood that limits allow us to live in a certain peace. I have discovered that limits do not ...

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Elegance is knowing how to be, proceed and act according to one’s own interests, but without causing pain or discomfort of any kind to the people with whom we agree ...

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The Silence

We choose what we want for our lives and, when everything goes well and we believe it to be perfect, we show pride to others. Instead, I’ve noticed that if ...

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Shoot reality

Currently, the need to create images to share on social networks has caused photography to win followers from the earliest ages. The act of photographing has become as reflective an ...

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Mobbing is the busleague attack

What in nurseries are known as tantrums, or tantrums at school are known as bullying: the aggressor suffers a child tantrum and materializes in aggression toward his victim. Over time, ...

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