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Rare diseases and research

When a patient attends the doctor, he hopes to find a treatment for his illness, with the intention of obtaining a cure, or, in some way, he can obtain a solution in a certain period of time, obviously, depending on the severity of each case. The situation changes a lot when they tell us that we can not overcome the disease or we can not alleviate the negative effects of the ...

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cristina redondo escritora novedades literarias

Own rooms without glass roof

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” ― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own From 2016, the Monday after October 15 (onomastics of Santa Teresa) is celebrated in Spain on the Day of the Women Writers. This year on October 15th coincides on Monday, so it is celebrated on the same day. This initiative was initiated by the National Library of ...

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Europe to the migration challenge

These days I've seen a film based on real events called "The Butler" (2013) that tells the story of a father who has to move with his family to Washington, with the intention of offering a better life To his family. The father starts to work as a steward in the White House and everything goes better because he becomes a well respected and beloved butler for the seven Presidents ...

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Slaves of technology

The gifts that are giving us the technological evolution is a pleasure in some cases: medical technology allows us to cure diseases that years ago were not cured; domotic technology allows us to live more comfortably than in previous years; aerodynamic technology allows us to travel faster, to put some random examples. While it is true that technology has benefited us in its development with many advantages, it is also true ...

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The magic of Poetry

I always have a header poem by hand, near me. It’s like a poem that I always want to read. According to the moment, that poem is changing. I never choose it for any specific reason, nothing has to do with the author or the subject. I find the poem unexpectedly, without planning it, and because of the sensation that it communicates to me, it is because of what I ...

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Oh! Sweet Christmas!

The Christmas approaches. And though it seems that it is like every year, actually it is not like that. The brave ones, which have own business, comment to me that already it is not like previous years. Yes, they have a lot of work preparing the Campaign for Christmas, and they are very tied by the illusion of selling, but the sale is weak, almost non-existent. They say thereabouts that ...

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Shame of others

I feel the shame of others. That in 2017 we are asking for justice and social equity for women. Social embarrassment. That a girl is raped in San Fermines and then try to accuse her of authorizing multiple rapes. Shame of the others for hiring a detective to prove that the girl was happy and towards a normal life after the rape, and what is worse, to justify her rape ...

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Awards for the reader

These days I am re-reading some opinions about the literary awards, opinions that are repeated every year on the occasion of the well-known Premio Planeta. Every year the same story. I will not comment on it. It always bores me to repeat the same story. There are readers who are angry and believe that such awards have no literary quality and so forth. Let’s not be naive. As readers, we must ...

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Command is the most beautiful drug that exists

Trying to get away from the communicational whirlwind of these days, about the Catalan Independence process and the Spanish point of view about it, at Wednesday night my favorite Prime Time was the one from Italy. Roberto Saviano broke enlightening audience shares on the Camorra, and specifically on the figure of the “il Boss“, which is what the leaders of the Neapolitan Camorra called  in Italy. The Kings of Crime program ...

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