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Silence, Nespresso and Murakami

Silence is the most precious thing when you live in a big city. Sometimes I used the headphones just to stop hearing all those people. ...

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Mobbing is the busleague attack

What in nurseries are known as tantrums, or tantrums at school are known as bullying: the aggressor suffers a child tantrum and materializes in aggression ...

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Get older

Life is mature and hardens the skin to protect the tenderness of the heart. If we feel the opposite, is that our mind is approaching ...

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The immense capacity to reborn from its own ashes is something that was attributed to the mythological personage of Ave Phenix, a story that only ...

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This cold winter

This cold winter has arrived. This cold winter that chills my heart and leaves my voice drowned in the throat. He does not want to ...

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Santa Claus does not exist already

This morning a white-bearded fat man, dressed all in red, wearing a black belt and black boots and looking like hot wine a lot, has ...

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The road

The road takes you beyond where you want to go: sometimes it takes you to places you never dreamed of, sometimes it takes you to ...

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novedades literarias novela negra dones escriptores catalanes actuals

Merry Christmas, all year long

Authentic Christmas goes beyond a gift under a tree, three kings in a portal of Bethlehem with gold, frankincense and myrrh and an eternal tail ...

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Asociación Phelan Mc Demid España

The Phelan-McDermid Syndrome

A few days ago I met Aina in the gym. As her mother wiped her hair, Aina looked around and watched things closely. There was ...

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Late nihgt hours. The silence is absolute, just some motorcycle on the street, some lost car. Suddenly you hear screams. No matter the language could ...

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Il Dolce Far Niente

Il dolce far niente or the sweet pleasure of doing nothing. Who does not like to enjoy that great pleasure every day? Only a select ...

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Feeling pain

Pain is never surface, always has some purpose, teaches us something, but it also shows us something. The pain is never in vain. Emotional pain ...

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